Bio-dietary supplement for weight loss at the expense of the natural fat burning

Effervescent tablets Keto Guru

Effervescent tablets Keto Guru

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Doctor's recommendations

The doctor Máté
24 years old
Sparkling tablet Keto Guru – excellent tool to quickly convert the body into the mode of cleavage of fats and the accelerated metabolism. This is one of the most effective means for weight loss in Hungary. I often advise them to their clients with overweight, because thanks to the all natural composition, this drug is well tolerated and not to cause harm to health.

Keto Guru – innovative solutions in the fight with overweight

The problem of excess weight, according to statistics of the World health organization, gaining more and more range every year. In 1975 less than 1% of children under 18 suffered from obesity, and in 2016 their number has reached 7%. Since 1975, overweight people throughout the globe has become already 3 times.

an innovative tool for weight loss Keto Guru

How to find out if you are overweight

Excess fat deposits in the body, caused by an excess of calories and lack of physical activity, represent a serious threat to health. Being overweight does not prevent the move, increasing the burden on the joints, which leads to the development of arthritis and arthrosis. As the natural companions of obesity are problems with the cardiovascular system, the risk of heart attacks and diabetes, various cancer diseases.

In order to diagnose excessive weight gain in children and adults, use the ratio of height and weight – BMI. Growth should be taken in kilograms, and growth in meters squared (kg/m2).

If the body mass index higher than 25 is considered overweight on the frameworks of the WHO. And if there is a ratio of height and weight is equal to or higher than the rate on the 30 is considered obese.

A new way of struggle against excess weight – keto-diet with a catalyst for metabolism Keto Guruit will help you get rid of excess weight, without limiting myself in food consumption.

How it works?

action effervescent tablets Keto Guru

Keto diet – a type of metabolic therapy, which the body switches into a mode of increased fat burning. Normally the body recycles carbohydrates to glucose, while fat is stored as a backup source of energy. If you want to start the mechanism of burning fat, you must reduce the intake of carbohydrates and to fill the gap in calories products that contain a lot of fats (nuts, sea fish, cheese and so on). In such a diet there is a low probability of collapse, because you don't have to restrict your diet, and just change its composition. Carbohydrates should make up no more than 15% of the volume of food consumed, and fats – not less than 60%.

In this case, the liver begins to process fat into ketones, fatty acids. Ketones are used by the brain, as the representative of the familiar glucose. Usually the introduction of the body into a state of ketosis, it is necessary to the food on the program keto diet for 10-14 days. Sparkling tablet Keto Guru to help reduce this term modifications of the metabolism of up to 40 minutes, will take care of the body with necessary minerals and vitamins.

Action Keto Guru

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Clinical studies confirm the effectiveness of the drugs, bio-dietary supplement for weight loss at the expense of the natural fat burning Keto Guru help 97% of people get rid of obesity. They lost from 5 to 35 kg for the rate of intake of the medication.

Benefits Keto Guru before the other means for weight loss

Composition of effervescent tablets Keto Guru

the composition of the Keto Guru
  1. L-glutamine is one of the essential amino acids, occurring in the muscles in its purest form. Improves brain function and stimulates the growth of muscle mass.
  2. Magnesium – helps muscles handle lactic acid after sports, relieves spasms.
  3. GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) - Participates in the metabolic processes in the brain, reduces fatigue.
  4. Pyridoxine – normalizes protein and fat metabolism, improves the functioning of the nervous system.
  5. Potassium – strengthens the cardiovascular system, regulates the intake of glucose by the cells.
  6. Niacin is a vitamin, produced from shark liver – breaks down cholesterol and prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques in the blood vessels.

How to buy sparkling tablet Keto Guru in Hungary, on the value of the 11900Ft

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